Browser (classic interface)


This section contains answers to questions that users frequently submit to Yandex.Browser tech support.

Installation and updates

Where can I download the latest version of the browser?

Where can I download a full version of the installer?

Why do I need to install Adobe Flash Player together with the browser?

How can I install the browser for all Windows accounts?

How can I turn off auto updates?

How can I uninstall the browser?

How can I disable the browser update in the background?


What are quick links?

What are the “Copy” and “Share” buttons for?

How can I turn off the “Copy” and “Share” buttons?

How do I change the background?

How can I add more widgets to the Tableau?

Why isn't the Tableau syncing?

How can I change the browser theme?

How can I show icons on the bookmarks bar?

Can I replace the site's name with its icon on the bookmarks bar?


How can I make downloaded files open automatically?

How can I change the folder for downloaded files?

How can I turn on the translator?

I selected the option "Never translate this site". Is it possible to translate after this?

Extensions and apps

Where can I find extensions?

What extensions are not supported by Yandex.Browser?

How do I install an extension?

How do I disable or remove an extension?

How do I install an app?

How do I remove an app?

How can I publish an extension in the Yandex.Browser catalog?


How is Yandex.Browser protected?

What type of virus protection does Yandex.Browser have?

Will the Yandex.Browser protection conflict with my antivirus program?


How do I enable saving cookies?

How can I delete cookie files?

Where can I find the cache?

How can I clear the cache?

How do I open an incognito window?

How can I save my passwords?

How do I create a new browser profile?


How do I make Yandex.Browser the default browser?

How do I set the start (home) page?

How do I enable syncing?

How can I transfer settings from another browser to Yandex.Browser?

Why were my settings imported without permission?

How can I enable JavaScript support?

What are exceptions and how do I set them up?

How do I change font size or page zoom?

How do I turn off Searchness mode?

How do I change encoding?

How do I turn on spellcheck?

Yandex.Browser in Windows 10

How do I set the default browser?

How do I pin the browser to the taskbar?

How do I pin the browser to the first screen in the Start menu?