Widget builders

Widget builders in the developer suite make it easy to create all sorts of widgets for the Yandex home page. These builders are extremely simple and easy to use, and even offer more possibilities than so called "professional" widget builders, giving developers complete freedom to create.

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Quick start

This widget builder lets you create widgets using JavaScript and HTML only. You do not need to host the widget yourself as all the data will be stored on our servers. To create a widget, simply complete all the fields with the relevant information.


This builder is useful if your site contains an RSS feed. It is especially suited to news feeds. Widgets created using this builder can display images as well as text.


The iFrame widget builder gives you complete freedom to create any type of widget you like (as long as it complies with our terms and conditions of course!). You can use any framework and work with databases and cookies, so pretty much everything you can do when developing a full-blown website. If you use this widget builder you will need to host your own widget.


The XHTML builder lets you create a standard iFrame widget, using basic widget settings through a Widget API.

Photo widget builder

This builder helps you create beautiful widgets based on photo RSS feeds. It lets you alter various parameters to customise the appearance of the widget. For example, whether you want to show users a certain number of pictures or a slide show.