Creating widgets

Creating a widget

Please note: you cannot transfer a widget from one account to another, you can create the exact same widget under a new account then delete the old one. Users will then need to install the new widget. The number of people using the new widget will drop to zero and you will need to build up to the 150 daily users again for the widget to be accepted into our Catalog. Therefore, we recommend creating widgets under a separate (not your personal) account, so you'll be able to transfer it to someone else if necessary.

Widgets that have not been added to our Catalog or regional program will display the author's account name at the bottom instead of a website address. If the widget has a titleURL (specified either in the description or in the widget builder), the signature will be changed following moderation and once the widget has been added to the Catalog or regional program. The address contained in the titleRUL will replace the signature.