Catalog and regional program


A widget must receive 150 users on average each day to be added to the Widget Catalog . A regional widget that's already included in our regional program must have a minimum of 500 users. As soon as the widget reaches the required level of users, you'll receive a notification email, and your widget will appear on the Add to Catalog page.

The average number of users per day is the number of users who open Yandex home page with your widget installed. The number of people who have your widget installed is not relevant, as it's the visit to (.ua, .kz, by) that counts.

Before adding your widget please familiarize yourself with the Catalog requirements.

If your widget does not pass moderation, we will tell you the reasons why it was rejected. Once you've rectified the issues, feel free to send your widget to be moderated again.

Regional program

Widgets with region-specific content are included in the regional program without needing a minimum number of visitors.

Click on the Submit widget for regional program link on the regional program or widget editing page (without forgetting to specify the region for which the widget is intended!). It will then be sent for moderation, the results of which you will receive by email. The requirements for participation in the regional program can be found here.

We offer users the 20 most popular and all the newest regional widgets in our regional block on the Yandex home page. All the other widgets can be found in the Catalog.

If your widget does not pass moderation, we will let you know why it was rejected. Once you've rectified all the relevant issues feel free to send your widget for repeat moderation. If your widget is not accepted owing to the lack of regional content, you can try and accumulate 150 users a day and submit it to our main Catalog.

Removing widgets

If you would like to remove your widget from our Catalog or regional program, write to us using the contact us form.

Widgets may be removed by widget moderators. Informational widgets (news, vacancies, announcements etc.) whose information has not been updated for a month will be removed from the Catalog and regional program. If your widget is removed, you will receive a notification and information on what to do next. We also remove broken widgets and those that violate the widget Terms and Conditions.