Sites are grouped by mistake

If your site is recognized as a secondary mirror of another site by mistake, let Yandex know that it should recognize your site as the main mirror or that sites should be separated.

A new site URL became a secondary mirror
In this case, you don't need to separate the sites. To include the new site in search, specify the site's main mirror.
A regional version of the site became a secondary mirror
  • Place some region-specific information on the regional site. For more information, see the recommendations in Site region.
  • If you redirect users to a regional domain or subdomain based on the user agent, add the Yandex robot to the user agent exceptions so that the main site URL responds to the robot with the HTTP code 200 OK.

    Check the server response

    Then submit a request to separate sites in Yandex.Webmaster.

The site became a secondary mirror of a third-party site

Contact the administrator of the resource that published a copy of your site, or its hosting provider and the domain name registrar. You can also use other legal means to protect your rights.

When the content becomes different, send a request to separate the sites in Yandex.Webmaster.