How do I check if a site is a mirror of another site?

Add to Yandex.Webmaster the URL of the site you want to check.

If the site is identified as a secondary mirror, it is automatically added to the service together with its main mirror. If the sites are not mirrors, they will be displayed separately.

If your site is combined in a mirror group with someone else's site, it will look like this after you add it to Yandex.Webmaster:

When you change a site's URL or main mirror, it usually takes about a month for changes to appear in the search results. If you followed the instructions when moving or separating sites, but the changes didn't appear in the search results, contact support.

Tell us what your question is about so we can direct you to the right specialist:

This means that the robot selected the main site mirror automatically. Specify the correct site URL for the robot, following the recommendations in the Moving a site section.