Controlling the display of Turbo pages

  1. Turning on Turbo pages
  2. Turning off Turbo pages

Turning on Turbo pages

To turn on the display of Turbo pages, in the Turbo page section of Yandex.Webmaster:
  1. Next to the data source, set the option to On.
  2. Confirm your agreement with the public offer.
The Turbo page will be displayed:
  • In the search results — within a few days.
  • In the Yandex.News stories (if you are a partner), and in the Yandex.Zen feed (if you make postings in this service) — the same day.

Details about displaying Turbo pages.

Turning off Turbo pages

To stop displaying a Turbo page in the search results, in the Yandex.News stories or in Yandex.Zen, pass the turbo attribute set to false in the item element of the page in the RSS feed.

The Turbo page will be disabled within a few days. The page version that was displayed before enabling Turbo pages will be shown instead.