Showing Turbo pages in the search and in Yandex services

Once Yandex receives information about the Turbo page on your site, the page is displayed on mobile devices:

  • In the search results, if your site is already included in the search.
  • In Yandex.News stories, if you are a Yandex.News partner.
  • In the Yandex.Zen feed, if your site is linked to Yandex.Zen.

The content of the page is the same as the data sent to Yandex through the RSS feed.

The summary, such as a snippet in the search results, is based on the original site page. The Turbo page is marked with the icon.

There can be several ways to display snippets in the search. The snippet format depends on the topic and content of the site. For example:

Standard snippet

Standard format for recipes

Factual answer

Recipe carousel

News cut

News carousel

Recent news

Display in the Yandex.Zen feed:

Display in Yandex.News: