About the “Turbo pages” technology

Typically, sites load slower on mobile devices than on desktops, often due to slower internet connections. “Turbo page” technology allows you to store information about pages and their content on the Yandex server and load them without connecting to the hosting server. You can still monitor the site traffic and track advertising incomes.

This technology is used to display sites on mobile devices:
  • In the search results, if your site is already included in the search.
  • In Yandex.News stories, if you are a Yandex.News partner.
  • In the Yandex.Zen feed, if your site is linked to Yandex.Zen.
A Turbo page is marked with a icon.
  1. Why should I use Turbo pages?
  2. What's needed to display Turbo pages?

Why should I use Turbo pages?

Pages load faster
According to Yandex research, Turbo pages load faster than the mobile versions of site pages: 15 times faster for full page loading, and 5 times faster to load enough of the page for user interaction. If the site loads fast, the user is more likely to stay on the page and find the necessary information.
The burden on the server is reduced
When a Turbo page is created its content is cached and stored on the Yandex server. When the user opens a Turbo page, it loads from the same server. Thus the number of hosting server accesses decreases.
The pages are created with Yandex algorithms

This technology helps to adapt pages to mobile devices without editing the code. It is enough to send the information about the page content via the RSS feed. Based on this data Yandex will form a Turbo page.

Changes in pages are tracked automatically
The Yandex robot regularly tracks changes made to the RSS feed. For details see the Updating a Turbo page page.
You can still collect statistics
If are using analytics counters, you can use them also on a Turbo page. Yandex.Metrica, LiveInternet, Google Analytics, Mail.Ru Rating, Rambler Top 100, Mediascope are supported.
Advertising is supported

If you are a Yandex advertising network partner, you can create and place special ad blocks for Turbo pages. Ads from other sources can be placed through ADFOX. Statistics on them will be collected in the same way as for the blocks placed on your site.

What's needed to display Turbo pages?

Attention. If you are a Yandex.News partner and you already sent the information about Turbo pages, you can update it and publish new Turbo pages through Yandex.News. The information about the RSS feed sent through Yandex.News isn't displayed in Yandex.Webmaster.

To start using Turbo pages for the site:

In the search results
In Yandex.News stories:

Become a Yandex.News partner and share information about the pages via a special RSS feed.

In the Yandex.Zen feed
  1. Add the RSS feed prepared for Yandex.Zen:
    • The turbo: content element with the content of the page you want to publish as a Turbo page.
    • The turbo element set to true in the item element.
    • The turbo:analytics element, if you use web analytics systems.
    • The turbo:adNetwork element, if you want to place ads.
  2. Send the data via Yandex.Zen.

In addition to the RSS feed prepared for Yandex.Zen, you can create a separate RSS feed for forming Turbo pages and send it through Yandex.Webmaster.