Adding information about the site

Note. If the RSS file doesn't contain information about analytics counters or advertising systems, you can add it through the Yandex.Webmaster interface. If you specify this information both in the RSS file and in the interface, the RSS channel data has a higher priority.
In the Turbo Pages section, under Site information:
  1. In the Page header section, add:

    Short site name.

    It is normally the site URL ( If you want to display only the site name, choose the Title only type from the Display list.

    A PNG image up to 30 MB. To add a logo, choose the type from the Display list:
    • Square + Site name — The minimum size is 96 × 96 pixels.
    • Rectangular — The minimum size is 84 pixels in height.
  2. If there are counters connected to the site to track statistics, choose a web analytics system in the Counters block . You can add two Yandex.Metrica counters and one counter per other system.

    Yandex.Metrica Counter number (for example, 123456).
    LiveInternet Counter name (for example, example-host).
    Google Analytics Tracking ID (for example, UA-12340005-6).

    Rating Mail.RU

    Rambler Top 100

    The numeric counter ID (for example, 123456).
    Mediascope (TNS)Numeric tmsec ID (for example, 123456).
  3. If your site is a Yandex Advertising Network partner or if you use ADFOX, choose the ad type in the Advertising block.

    In the partner interface, create an ad block for Turbo pages. Then, in the Yandex.Webmaster service, specify:
    • Ad block ID (for example, RA-123456-7).
  4. Click the Save button.