Site regionality

See recommendations for choosing the site region, as well as frequently asked questions about the region linking.

Make sure that:
  • All fields are filled in.
  • The link you specified matches the URL of the site for which you add or change the region (including the use of the HTTP/HTTPS protocol and the www prefix).

The region change is on moderation for a week. If the region doesn't change two weeks after the the moderation is completed, fill out the form below.

Use a special form in the Yandex.Directory help.

Make sure that:
  • The site is added to Yandex.Webmaster and Yandex Business Directory in the same way (with or without the "www" prefix, and with the HTTPS or HTTP protocol).
  • The main site page is added to Yandex Business Directory without UTM tags.
  • The organization card is displayed in Yandex.Directory and in Yandex.Maps.
  • More than a week passed since the card was published or edited in Yandex.Directory.

In this case, you can correct the error only on the Yandex.Directory side. Contact support via the form in the Yandex.Directory help.