Citation index regulations

Why is it needed?

Many people are already familiar with web counters that measure how popular a site is. However, one of the main drawbacks of the web counter is positive feedback. In other words, the higher the resource is displayed, the more people visit it, which further elevates its position.

The concept behind the Thematic Citation Index is quite simple. As a general rule, people who create websites pay close attention to the content both of their own website and the sites to which they link (as they are effectively recommending this content to their visitors).

Yandex citation index regulations

The Yandex Citation Index is calculated for all resources to which Yandex has found links on the internet, as long as the TIC of these resources is at least 10.

Please note: these values may be adjusted as the internet expands over time.

Yandex Citation Index calculation principles

  1. All internet resources are equal. Under no circumstances can the calculation system be changed for any individual site.

  2. We retain the right to change the Yandex Citation Index calculation principles without prior notice.

Any attempt to actively influence the TIC rating will result in the TIC for that site being zeroed. The final decision on whether a TIC violation has occurred will be taken by the Yandex administration following careful consideration.