Citation index (TIC)

TIC is a technology for determining the site's credibility by evaluating the quality of links leading to it from other sites. The link quality is evaluated with an algorithm that uses thematic proximity of sites as one of the factors.

You can view the TIC value for your site in Yandex.Webmaster, for example on the page with a list of sites added to the service.

  1. How TIC is measured
  2. Rules for TIC counting

How TIC is measured

TIC is calculated based on the information about the sites that is already available in the Yandex robot's database. The value is calculated for each site page. Values per page form the total TIC of the site. The algorithm takes into account only:
  • External links — hosted on other sites.
  • Unique links. If a link is placed on several site pages or is repeated on a page, it is counted only once.
  • Natural and useful links. These properties are evaluated based on factor analysis.

The calculation doesn't take into account links posted on the sites that:

  • Allow adding a link without moderation. For example, catalogs, blogs, forums.
  • Use free hosting.
TIC calculation for mirrors
Mirrors are sites with identical structure and content. In this case, the algorithm takes into account all non-duplicate links to the mirror URLs to calculate TIC of the main URL. The main URL is determined automatically. It matches the URL included in the search results. More info about mirror sites.

Rules for TIC counting

  1. All resources are equal. The counting system can never be changed for a particular site.

  2. Yandex reserves the right to change the citation index rules at any moment without notification, to reset the value, as well as to revoke a site's TIC in the following cases:

    • The site doesn't contain original and useful content and was created to handle links to other sites (to sell links).
    • The site places too many SEO links intended primarily not for users, but for influencing search engines.
    • There were attempts to influence this site's TIC using links from other sites.

Yandex doesn't comment on the above changes to TIC, doesn't notify about them and doesn't give any guarantees or terms for restoring TIC.