Questions and Answers

Users' questions and answers posted on your website can be displayed using structured snippets on the Yandex search results pages. In order help the search robot figure out what the best answer is, mark up the appropriate pages with two markup types — Question and Answer.

Snippet without semantic markup:

Snippet with markup (best answer shown):

There should be only one question and the corresponding answers to it per page.

Supported markup types and schema fields

Special snippets are shown for website pages that have the Question and Answer types of markup. The property types that are recognized by Yandex are listed below. The data type that the property value should correspond to is indicated in the second column.

Property Type Description Mandatory
name Text Title of the question. Entered as a Question property. Yes
acceptedAnswer or suggestedAnswer Answer Best or regular answer. An answer marked up using this property is highly likely to be shown in the snippet. Entered as a Question property. Yes
text Text Text of the question. Entered as an Answer property. No
upvoteCount Integer

Number of votes for a specific answer.

The answer with the largest value in this field is highly likely to be shown in the snippet unless the property acceptedAnswer is entered. Entered as an Answer property.


Sample markups

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <h1 itemprop="name">Hide html horizontal but not vertical scrollbar</h1>
  <span itemprop="upvoteCount">148</span>
  <div itemprop="text">I have an html textarea that is of fixed width, but variable height. I would like to set overflow:scroll and be able to show a vertical scrollbar, but not a horizontal one. I am not able to use overflow:auto due to other things specific to my situation. I know there is no way using CSS 2 to show only vertical but not horizontal scrollbars. Is there anything I can do with javascript to hide the horizontal scrollbar?</div>
  <span itemprop="answerCount">6</span>
    <div itemscope itemtype="" itemprop="acceptedAnswer">
      <span itemprop="upvoteCount" >327</span>
      <div itemprop="text">You can use css like this:
                          <code>overflow-y: scroll;
                                overflow-x: hidden;
    <div itemscope itemtype="" itemprop=" suggestedAnswer">
      <span itemprop="upvoteCount">4</span>
      <div itemprop="text">Using <code>wrap=virtual</code> in your HTML form boxes gets rid of the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the box:
                          <code> &lt;textarea name= "enquiry" rows="4" cols="30" wrap="virtual"&gt;&lt;/textarea&gt;</code>
                          See example here (Tested on FF and IE)

You can check your markups using the validator.