What data can be sent?

Why should I send site content data?

Depending on your site's topic, certain data such as an office address or detailed parameters for particular pages can be used as markup content.

These types of data may be used to better represent your site in search results (by creating special snippets) and may also be used in other Yandex services. Each type of data is processed in its own way. If you would like to read more about rules for sending data and how data is used by Yandex, please read the appropriate help section.

Below is a full list of the data types site owners can currently send. We are currently working on expanding this list.

My site involves this type of content. What should I do to send data?

Each type of data has its own form on Yandex.Webmaster that needs to be filled out in order to submit an application to participate. On the Site contents page you can choose the appropriate type of additional information and click on the corresponding point. Afterwards you will see instructions on how to add the corresponding data type.

Will my data be lost if I turn off the additional menu option?

No, it will not. It will still be used by Yandex. If you want to delete your data, head over to the corresponding menu option and do so there.