Important page monitoring

Yandex.Webmaster allows you to get up-to-date information about indexing of pages and sections of your site. You can also monitor the dynamics of displays and clicks on popular pages.

  1. Important page monitoring setup
  2. Information about indexing
  3. Popular pages statistics

Important page monitoring setup

  1. Go to Indexing → Important pages.
  2. See the Recommended pages block.
  3. To track:
    • Individual pages: click Track next to the page URL.
    • All recommended pages: click Track all.

    The list can contain up to 100 pages.

Collecting and processing the information usually takes a few minutes. Sometimes it may take several hours.

To get immediate notifications about changes in page status:

  1. Go to Indexing → Important pages and click .
  2. In the window that opens, check how you receive notifications. You can select most of the types of changes here. You can also subscribe to all topics in the notification settings.

Information about indexing

Yandex.Webmaster displays the page status at the moment of the last crawl and the last update of the search database. After adding the URL and collecting the information, the current page status appears on the Important page monitoring page.
  • The date when the page was last crawled and the server's response.
  • The page version and status (for example, "In search results").

Click the icon next to the URL to view the history. It can contain up to 100 changes for each URL.

You can continue working with the checked page. Click the button:

  • Server response check. It opens the Server response check page with the URL validation result.
  • Reindex pages. It opens the Reindex pages page. The chosen URL is displayed in the list of pages sent for reindexing with the “In queue” status.

Popular pages statistics

The Recommended pages block shows pages with the most clicks and displays in search results over the past week (from Monday to Sunday). You can track the dynamics of displays and clicks on pages that interest you.

If you already added some pages from the list to the tracked pages, they will still be displayed in the recommended pages list so that you can see statistics on them.

To get detailed information, like to track changes in the page's average position in the search results, use Page statistics in search results.

To report a bug in Important page monitoring, fill out the form below.