When you add a site in Yandex.Webmaster or confirm your site management rights in the service, you receive access to information about changes to the site in search results. For example, you can find out which pages appeared in search results or disappeared from them.

To receive notifications about changes, set up notifications for each individual topic:

Topic Description
Global messages and news for webmasters from services Notifications about important changes in the service and invitations to webinars.
  1. Configuring notifications
  2. Viewing notifications in Yandex.Webmaster

Configuring notifications

You can view notifications in the Yandex.Webmaster interface and in your email. Yandex.Webmaster lets you set up notifications for all sites you have access to, as well as for each site separately.

There are several notification statuses:

Receive notifications (active status) Don't receive notifications (inactive status)
— On the site. — On the site.
— By email. — By email.
General settings apply. Displayed in the settings for the site — Indicates that general settings don't apply for a certain site

To switch between active, inactive and default statuses of notifications, click the status icon.

General notification settings

These settings apply to all sites verified in Yandex.Webmaster for the user. They are displayed in the service by default. To change the way you receive them:
  1. Go to the Notifications page.
  2. Click .
  3. In the Address for email notifications section, select the email address for receiving notifications from Yandex.Webmaster. The suggested addresses are taken from Yandex.Passport. To change the address, choose the address from the list and click the Change address button.

    How to specify an address that is not in the list
    Choose Other address from the list. The Yandex.Passport page opens. Enter your email in the Add a backup address for restoring access and click Add address. Then confirm your access to it. After confirming refresh the settings in Yandex.Webmaster. The added email address appears in the list.

    To receive notifications only in Yandex.Webmaster, choose No email notifications from the list. In this case, you won't receive notifications even if the message is in the active status.

  4. Choose a status for each notification topic.

Notification settings per site

Use these settings to change how you receive notifications or choose a set of notifications that differs from the general settings.

  1. Go to the Settings → Notifications page.
  2. Choose the site URL to configure notifications for it.
  3. On the Configure notifications for the site page, choose a status for each notification topic.

    Here you can set up notifications about the site and the pages you consider important. By default, all topics have the status. This means that general settings are enabled.

Viewing notifications in Yandex.Webmaster

To view messages, go to Notifications. By default, the list shows all messages. You can customize the list.

To mark all notifications as read or delete them, select their type, mark them in the list, and click Select all.