Terms and definitions


Links that are displayed in the site's snippet in search results. For more information, see Sitelinks.

External link
Internal link
Location-dependent query

A query that is related to a specific region. For example, [taxi] or [buy iphone]. More information

Visited page

A page on your site that the Yandex robot has accessed. This could be either an indexed page or a page that returned an error.

Page in search

A page that participates in Yandex search. A page might not be shown in search results if it duplicates the content of another page, contains spam or viruses, redirects to another URL, or an error occurred when downloading it.

Excluded page

A page that was added to the Yandex index but then was excluded from it.

The Yandex robot might exclude a page from the index for the following reasons:

  • An error when loading or processing the page.
  • Page indexing is prohibited in the robots.txt file or using a "noindex" meta tag.
  • The page is not canonical.
  • The page redirects the user to other pages.