Original content

Unique content plays an important role in the development of a site by making it more attractive to users. Search algorithms also take into account the uniqueness of content: sites with original content may be ranked higher in the search results. However, site owners often borrow content on the internet. To let Yandex know that you're going to post unique content, upload it to Yandex.Webmaster using the “Original texts” tool.

Note. Content is considered original or unique if it has never been published online, including your site.
For Yandex.Webmaster to process your content:
  • Upload only unique texts.
  • Enter your content in the field as it's seen by site users, without HTML markup. Complex HTML objects, such as tables, may be processed incorrectly.
  • Upload text you want to place on a single page at a time.

To report original content:

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to the Original content page.
  2. In the field, insert the text to be posted on a single page of your site.
  3. Click Send.
  4. Publish the content on the site. You can do this immediately after you added the text to Yandex.Webmaster.

It may contain from 500 up to 32,000 characters. If your text contains more characters, divide it into several parts and insert them into the field.

You can add up to 100 texts per site daily.


What should I do if an article added to Yandex.Webmaster was modified after it was published on the site?

If the changes are minor, the text can still be taken into account by the search algorithms. You don't need to delete and add it again, as it won't be considered to have never been published on the internet at the time you add it.

If you added one or more fragments larger than 500 characters to the text, upload them as separate texts.

Text is lost. How do I request the full version?

Yandex.Webmaster cannot provide the full version of the text that you submitted your request to check the uniqueness for. Only the information you see in the Original content section will be available to you. To avoid this situation in the future, save the text on your computer before adding it to the service.

After changing the main mirror, the added original texts disappeared

When changing mirrors in Yandex.Webmaster, the texts are not moved and are only visible for the site they were added to. At the same time, the search continues to take into account your requests to check the content for uniqueness, as before, already for the new main mirror.

Tell us what your question is about so we can direct you to the right specialist:

If you notice that a site whose content you believe to be identical to yours is ranked higher than your site for a certain query, fill out the form below. This will help us improve the ranking algorithms.

The Yandex search engine is just a mirror of the internet. Therefore, we are not authorized to deal with plagiarism. To protect your copyright, we recommend that you contact the administrator or hosting provider of the site where you noticed your content. As soon as this site is permanently closed, it will be automatically removed from the Yandex search database.

If another resource has content identical to yours, this isn't enough to exclude the site from the search results.

To protect your copyright, you can file a complaint directly with the administrator of the site that you believe has content identical to yours, or use other legal means to protect your rights.

If you can't come to an agreement with the site administration, try writing to the site's hosting provider. You can find out the hosting provider details via the WHOIS service.