Infection information on Yandex.Webmaster

You will receive an automatic notification each time our antivirus detects a virus on your site, providing it is registered on Yandex.Webmaster. Each message includes a link to a page containing more detailed information. You can also visit the page by clicking on the red icon, which is displayed next to the compromised site on Yandex.Webmaster.

The information includes examples of affected pages, the date they were checked and antivirus results. Where possible, the page will also display the chain of infection, the sequence of hosts that ultimately leads to users' browsers downloading malware from your site.

We recommend you use this information to start cleaning your site. Follow the link next to the antivirus result to see a description and an example of the code run by the browser (and not on the web server). Also check out the chain of infection, as this may help you determine the source of the infection.

Click Recheck to inform Yandex once your site is clear. It may take a while to recheck your site. You will receive the results by email once complete.