The Yandex robot can generate sitelinks for you site snippet: it finds the pages most relevant to the query.

How can I help the robot find the right sitelinks?

You should observe the following conditions:

  • The main sections and pages can be accessed from the home page.

  • The site navigation is well-planned and logical.

  • Page names are short, clear and reflect their content.

  • Image links have an alt attribute that reflects their purpose.

  • Text in the <title> element for the key pages matches the page name (the page title placed, for example, in the h1 tag) and the text of links leading to this page.

    For example, if your company has a contact page and you want to make sure the robot processes it correctly:

    • Specify the “Company name”“Contact us” or simply “Contacts” in the title element of this page.
    • On the page, there should be a title “Contacts”.

    • The text of links leading to this section from the main page and other site pages should be “Contacts”.

When the links are formed, but not yet displayed in the search results, the service will send you a notification.

  1. Viewing the sitelinks list
  2. Editing sitelinks