URL letter case

You can change the way the site URL is written in the search results. This will make it clearer and more informative for users. This change doesn't affect the ranking in search results.

Requirements for changing the case

Changes to the case must be solely for the purpose of improving readability of the domain name, and must meet the following requirements:

  • No more than five uppercase letters in a row are allowed.
  • The following can be specified in lowercase only:
    • Top-level domains, for example, ru, info, com, com.ua, org.ru, or net.by.
    • Prefixes, such as www, w3, or ftp.
  • Proper names can begin with a capital letter, if this doesn't contradict point 3. For example, Name.example.com, www.Napoleon.com.
  • Capital letters in well-known abbreviations or abbreviations that are supported by the site content are allowed in accordance with the rules of the Russian language. For example, NASA.com, RusPromAuto.ru.
  • If all domain name words are separated by hyphens, the case can only be changed in the cases described in point 4 and point 5. For example, Moscow-one-love.ru; VTB-bank.ru.
  • If a domain name contains multiple words that are not separated by a hyphen, all words must start with a capital letter (www.SearchEngine.yandex.combut not www.Searchengine.yandex.com or www.Search-EngIne.yandex.com).

How do I switch the case?

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to the Display in the search  → Site name letter case page.
  2. In the field, change the site URL spelling and specify the reason for the change.
  3. Click the Edit button.

Changes take effect after they are verified and the search database is updated.

If the request is rejected, check if the case changes meet the requirements above.

How do I switch the case of a page URL?
Check if the robot database contains page URLs in different cases that are considered duplicates. Go to Indexing → Pages in search (Excluded pages) in Yandex.Webmaster. If this is the case, specify the URL to include in the search for the robot using one of these methods:
  • Set a 301 redirect to the pages with the correct case.
  • Specify a canonical URL on the page with the URL you want to change.

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Changes are displayed in the search results within two weeks after the request is sent. If the URL letter case doesn't change in the search results in 2 weeks, please let us know: