Redirect processing

Which redirects are recognized by Yandex robot?

Yandex robot recognizes the standard HTTP 3xx (redirection) status codes.

These are the main kinds of redirection:

  • 301 — permanent redirection;

  • 302/303/307 — temporary redirection;

  • redirect using Meta refresh (META HTTP-EQUIV = "REFRESH") with small delays is regarded as a temporary redirection.

What is the difference between in-host redirection and host-to-host redirection?

In-host redirection is the redirection within the same host (FQDN). Host-to-host redirection is the redirection to a page residing on a different host.



In-host redirection: -> ->

Host-to-host redirection: -> ->

How does Yandex process in-host redirections?

If one web page (the source) redirects to another web page (target) within the same host, the robot will index the content of the target page, but the search results will in some cases display links to the source, and in some cases, links to the target.

If permanent redirection (301) is used between internal pages of the host, the search results will display the target page. ->301

If temporary redirection (302/303/307/Meta refresh) is used between internal pages of the host, the search results will display the shortest of the two URLs. ->302 ->302

The main page of the host is always displayed in the search results. -> ->

I changed the structure of my sites using redirections. Will the new pages appear in search results?

They will appear in search results if you set a 301 permanent redirect from the old pages to the new pages.

I used redirection 301 but I see the redirect source in the search results. Why?

The information shown in search results will be updated later, after the Yandex robot indexes the redirect source.

I have set up redirection from pages of the type to What redirection shall I use so the search results show pages of the type

Set 301 redirects from to