Processing redirects

What redirects are recognized by the Yandex robot?

The Yandex robot recognizes standard HTTP 3xx status codes (redirection).

The main types of redirects:

  • 301 — Permanent redirect.

  • 302/303/307 — Temporary redirect.

  • A redirection that uses the refresh meta tag with small delays is considered a temporary redirect.

What is the difference between in-host redirection and host-to-host redirection?

In-host redirection is a redirection within the same host (FQDN). Host-to-host redirection is redirection to a page residing on a different host.

Example of an in-host redirect: -> ->

Example of an inter-host redirect: -> ->

How does Yandex process in-house redirects?

If one page (the source) redirects to another page (the target) within the same host, the robot will index the content of the target page, but the search results will in some cases display links to the source, and in some cases, links to the target.

If redirection with the HTTP code 301 is used between internal pages of the host, the search results will display the target page. ->301

If temporary redirection (302/303/307/Meta refresh) is used between internal pages of the host, the search results will display the shortest of the two URLs. ->302 ->302

The main page of the host is always displayed in the search results. -> ->

I changed the site structure using redirects. Will the new pages appear in search results?

They will be displayed if you set a redirect with the HTTP code 301 from the old pages to the new ones.

I put a redirect with the HTTP code 301, and in the search results I see the redirection source. Why?

The search results will be updated some time after the Yandex robot crawls the redirect source.

I set up redirection from pages to What redirection should I use to have pages shown in search results?

You should install a redirect with the HTTP code 301 from the pages to the pages.

When you change a site's URL or main mirror, it usually takes about a month for changes to appear in the search results. If you followed the instructions when moving or separating sites, but the changes didn't appear in the search results, contact support.

Tell us what your question is about so we can direct you to the right specialist:

This means that the robot selected the main site mirror automatically. Specify the correct site URL for the robot, following the recommendations in the Moving a site section.