How to help the robot index your site faster

To make your pages appear in the search results faster, use our tips: first, exclude unwanted information from indexing, and, second, notify the robot of the new pages. To achieve that goal, do the following:

  • in robots.txt file, prohibit indexing of the pages that are uninteresting to the users. This might include response forms on a forum, site visit statistics, pages that contain search results, and documents in languages that are not very popular in the Russian Internet.

  • create the Sitemap file that contains additional information about the site pages subject to indexing;

  • create the site map, i.e. one or more pages that contain links to all the pages of the site;

  • set up the server to return correct response headers (e.g. error code 404 should be returned if a page does not exist, and code 304 for If-Modified-Since request, if the page has not changed since the date specified in the request.