Analysis of user behavior

To increase the number of orders, purchases and other desirable visitor actions, pay attention to their behavior on your site: on what pages do they stay longer, what path they use to navigate from one page to another, why they may not reach the target pages (e.g. the product order page), what pages impede search for information, what pages attract the most attention, etc. It is useful to analyze the web server logs at a regular interval, as they contain system information about the server's functions and log many user actions.

What should you pay attention to:

  • Sources of traffic. Knowing where the visitors arrive to your site from will help you to understand which resources provide the visitor traffic to your site. Monitor changes in the report. They may signify the problems with an existing source or an arrival of a new source. If a new source of visitors appeared, analyze the behavior of these visitors on your site. It is possible that the new visitors behave in a specific way that requires making some additional changes to the site.

  • Search queries. Use this report to monitor the new search queries that bring visitors to your site.

  • Identify target pages, i.e. the pages where the user goes to perform an action you expect. For example, adds a product to a shopping cart, places an order or fills a form. The percentage of the visitors that performed the action is known as conversion rate. There are many books that will tell you how to increase the conversion rate. Here we will only say that it is important to experiment continuously and analyze the results of the changes. Change the visual representation of important links, prompt the user to follow the path to the target, and analyze everything.

  • Statistics on technical parameters of the user's computer – screen resolution, browser version, operating system. Very often your site may look different from what you expected, in various browsers and at various resolutions. You should take this into account and test whenever possible.

Also don't forget that the Internet access speed of your users may be very different from yours. If you expect users with slow connection (e.g. dial-up) to access your site, we recommend to minimize the pages size. For example, avoid using multimegabyte pictures as design elements, etc.


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