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Loading errors

Loading errors

A list of errors returned by Yandex robot when it fails to load a document from your site.

Connection failureA connection failure occurred on loading. After several attempts, document loading was canceled.
The text is too longThe document is too long. Try to break it down into several parts.
Document access restricted in robots.txt fileThe document is not indexed because you or another administrator disallowed access to it in robots.txt file.
Wrong document addressThe document address does not comply with HTTP standard.
Document format is not supportedThe server does not specify the document type, or specifies the wrong document type, or Yandex does not support the specified type.
DNS errorA DNS error. It is impossible to resolve host IP using its name.
Invalid HTTP status code The server returns a HTTP status code that does not comply with HTTP standard.
Invalid HTTP headerHTTP status code does not comply with the standard (including Yandex extensions).
Unable to connect to web serverIt was impossible to connect to web server.
Wrong message lengthMessage length is not specified or is specified incorrectly.
Wrong encodingA wrong transfer-encoding header was specified, or the specified encoding type is unknown.
Wrong amount of data transferredThe length of transferred data does not match the declared length, i.e. data transfer either stops before or continues after receiving the declared amount of data.
HTTP headers length over limitThe length of HTTP headers went over limit. It may have been caused by an attempt to transfer too many cookies.
URL length over limitThe length of the URL address went over limit.

Processing errors

A list of errors returned by Yandex robot when further processing of a document loaded from your site proved impossible (server response code 200 was received).

A document contains a noindex metatagA document cannot be indexed because it contains a noindex metatag.
Wrong encodingA document contains characters that do not agree with the declared encoding.
A document is a server logA document is recognized as a server log. If this is a page created for site visitors, try to change it so it does not look like a server log.
Wrong document formatIn the course of the document analysis a discrepancy between the declared format (html, pdf, doc, rtf, swf, xls, ppt) and the actual format was discovered.
Encoding not determinedThe robot was unable to determine the encoding of the document. It is possible that the document does not contain any text or contains text in various encodings.
Language not supportedThe robot was unable to determine the language of the document, or this language is not supported. Information on supported languages can be found in this Help topic.
Too many linksThe number of links on the page exceeds the acceptable limit.
Decompression errorAn error occurred during decompression of a gzipped or deflated data stream from the server.
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