Moving a site

You can use this tool to tell the search engine about changes to your site's domain name or protocol, as well as to choose the preferred way to show your site in search results (with or without the "www" prefix) and to separate mirrors.

It works in two modes: editing the site URL (moving) for sites that aren't mirrors, and separation, available only for secondary mirrors. You can check whether the site is a secondary mirror.

To use this tool to move your site, you have to set the main mirror correctly. You can configure a redirect or a Host directive in the robots.txt file on all the site's mirrors. The migration may result in changing the site's main mirror or combining the appropriate mirrors in a group if they weren't previously grouped together.

To separate the mirrors, you can send a request only if the sites don't return the same content anymore. Separated sites are treated by the search engine as different resources.

Changing the site address

For the new site address, you can choose any name from the list (it displays all the resources that have been added to the service that you have confirmed management rights to). If necessary, you can enter the "www" prefix or the "HTTPS" protocol.

Note. To use the HTTPS protocol, the site must have a valid security certificate.

After saving changes, the information is verified. As a result of verification, your request will be approved if the content of sites that the robot gets is identical and the main mirror settings are valid, or rejected if the requirements for grouping sites are not met.

Possible reasons for rejecting changes to the site address:

  • The content of the sites is different, or the redirect between them is configured so that the robot gets the content of differing pages when redirected. The content returned by the sites must match completely.
  • The Host directive in robots.txt on site mirrors is invalid or missing, or the values don't match. Set the Host directive according to our recommendations.
  • The robot had problems accessing the sites or separate pages on them during verification. Make sure the sites respond without delay, that they aren't prohibited from indexing in robots.txt, and that the Yandex robot isn't blocked on the server side.

Changing the address may take some time. Yandex cannot guarantee that the site will have the same number of pages in search, the same position, or the same traffic after the main mirror has been changed or mirrors have been grouped together.