hReview microformat

hReview is an (X)HTML markup standard for reviews that was developed by the international task force Reviews marked up in accordance with this standard can be automatically processed: a search robot can extract the main semantic elements (rating, text of review, advantages, shortcomings, etc.) from the text of the webpage. The markup itself is not visible to site visitors and does not affect the display of information on the page — the names of markup fields are indicated in the class attribute of HTML elements.

The current version of the hReview format specification is available at

A review marked up in accordance with the hReview standard also includes entities that were marked up in accordance with other microformats: information on the review author is marked up based on the hCard standard, and information on the reviewed object is marked up based on the hCalendar or hCard standard depending on the type of object.

Yandex support extended hReview microformat, which we recommend for marking up information on organizations.

Microformat markup is processed simultaneously while your site is being indexed by the Yandex search robot. Extracted data is automatically validated and later may be used in snippets of reviews on search results pages or in Yandex services.


Please note: along with the other HTML code of the page, microformat markup is freely accessible to all users.