Critical issues

This section contains solutions to common “Critical” issues detected by Yandex.Webmaster during site diagnostics. If your site has any of these issues, the site or individual pages on it may be excluded from search results.
Tip. Track and fix errors as soon as possible. You can configure notifications for site monitoring results.
  1. Slow server response time
  2. Invalid SSL certificate settings

Slow server response time

This means that the average response time for all site pages was longer than three seconds when accessed by the search robot. This could be due to a particularly slow server response for certain pages on the site. If the server is currently responding quickly, the error message will disappear within a few days.

Invalid SSL certificate settings

This message is displayed in the following cases:

  • Certificate expired.
  • The certificate was issued for a different domain or not for all subdomains where it is used. For example, the certificate was issued for the domain but is used for the domain
  • The certificate from the certification authority is missing in users' browsers or it has been revoked.
  • A self-signed certificate is used.

If there are problems with the SSL certificate, the browser notifies the user about them. Users might avoid the site because it is not secure.

To fix this problem, check the SSL certificate and the server settings. You may need to contact your hosting provider.

The Yandex robot will discover any changes the next time it crawls the site. If it doesn't detect a problem, the message will stop appearing in Yandex.Webmaster.

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