Company information

What organization details are displayed in Yandex?

General and contact information about the organization can be displayed:

In Yandex.Maps
Detailed information about the organization is displayed in the tooltip and on the organization's page in Yandex.Maps. For example, phones, opening hours, and additional parameters depending on the organization type.
In the Yandex search results:
  • Address snippet. It is generated only for the site's main page and can contain the address, phone number, metro station, and opening hours. The metro station in the site description can't be edited, it is determined automatically based on the address.

    If the site is located on the aggregator platform (for example,,, the address snippet isn't displayed.

  • Special snippetwhich is formed for some areas of activity may contain extended information. For example, the average restaurant bill.

Note. Yandex doesn't guarantee that the snippet will be displayed in the search results.

How to submit information about addresses and organizations

There are several ways to specify the organization details:
In Yandex.Directory
  1. Go to the My organizations section.
  2. Click the Add button and fill in the fields.

    Also, you can link an organization that exists in Yandex.Directory to your site. To do this, go to the Yandex.Directory organization editing form and enter the site URL to link the information to in the Site field.

Using the markup
Information marked up in a special way is processed by the Yandex robot and sent to Yandex.Directory. If the data is marked according to the rules, the information can be displayed in Yandex.Maps and in the search results.

Which address will be displayed in the search results if I have more than one organization associated with my website?

By default the users will see the address of the organization in their region (if they don't specify a different region in their search).

If the linked organization addresses are in the same region, the snippet will show the Addresses on the map button. The user can click on it to view all the organization's addresses in this region.

What are advanced settings? Where and how are they displayed?

When searching for an organization, users are usually interested not only in its location but also in additional attributes. For instance, when choosing a restaurant, the user needs to know the type of cuisine and the average bill. When searching for a hospital, the user needs information about medical services available.

For most popular types of organizations, additional information can be transmitted along with the address.

Different types of organizations have different sets of information. All organizations, regardless of type, can have:

  • Business hours.
  • Alternative names.
  • Additional contact information.

You can specify this information when adding or editing an organization in Yandex.Webmaster (Site geography → Addresses and organizations ). On the Types of activity tab, choose the business category. If additional parameters can be entered for this type of activity, additional fields will be displayed.

Such information is shown in pop-ups and organization pages on maps.

Rules for providing information about an organization

A request to add or edit information in Yandex.Directory may be rejected. Read the rules for providing information and learn about the reasons for rejecting a publication.

Specify your question about the address snippet:

The “Addresses on the map” label is displayed if the organization has two or more addresses in the same region. When you click the label, you can see the organization addresses on Yandex.Maps. In this case, the snippet doesn't display the address and phone number.

If your organization has one address but the snippet displays the “Addresses on the map” label, check the information in Yandex.Directory. To ask about editing information in Yandex.Directory, use this form.

The address snippet is displayed if the site is in the Top 30 Yandex search results. It uses the organization details published in Yandex.Directory:

  • The main page of the site is specified (for example,
  • The site address is the same as in Yandex.Webmaster – either with or without the www prefix and with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • The organization's contact information (city, street, house number) is specified fully.

To change the contact information in the address snippet, edit the organization card in Yandex.Maps:
  1. Find the organization in Yandex.Maps and click the Edit link.
  2. In the form that opens, enter the correct information about the organization.

The address snippet data is usually updated within a week after you change the organization card.

If you have a question about editing the organization card in Yandex.Directory, use this form.