Tens of millions of users submit their search queries, and millions of sites respond. Those that reply to the queries in the best way are getting happy visitors. The task of Yandex search is to lead the user to the answer as quickly as possible.

A good site is one that is intended for humans. If a user can read the text published on the site, view the images and find the required section, this is good enough. But Yandex search engine is just a complex piece of software. If you want it to read all of your site content, you should plan for this when you design the site.

The present manual helps webmasters and site owners to make their site index seamlessly and be ranked correctly by Yandex search engine.

We tried to list all the main actions that you should perform while designing your site. Following our recommendations will enable you to avoid errors that may harm your pages ranking in the search results. Following our recommendations does not guarantee you an increase in the number of visitors, because at the end of the day it is only the quality of your resource that defines its popularity.