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Reindex pages

This tool gives the indexing bot information about high-priority pages to visit first the next time it crawls the site. Changes appear in search results when the search engine database is updated.

The bot visited my page, but information wasn't updated in search results

Information in search results isn't updated immediately after the indexing bot visits a page. Changes won't be visible until the search engine database is updated. It normally takes from one to three weeks for data to be updated. You will have to wait for search results to be changed automatically.

The “Error” status appeared after adding a page

This status informs you that the bot couldn't index this page and update information about it in the search engine database. Make sure that the page can be accessed by the bot and that the server responds fast enough, then add the page for reindexing.

The page can be accessed by the robot, but the error reoccurs after reindexing
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