Hidden text

Some webmasters attempt to fool search engines by scattering invisible or poorly-visible keywords around their sites. Site users usually can't see this kind of text, but indexing bots can. Examples of this:

  • white text on a white background
  • text written using a very small, hard-to-notice font size
  • text written using specific technical tricks: display: none, moving the text behind the visible part of the site

Sometimes, this text is put there by a hacker instead of the webmaster.

Yandex found this violation on my site. How can I fix it?

First of all, you'll need to remove the hidden text from your site. If the text is genuinely useful to your site's users, then you'll need to make it visible. If you're sure that you didn't put that text on the site, then check to see who else has admin access and withdraw privileges from anyone who seems to be abusing them. If you think that the hidden text was put there by a hacker, then you need to change your site's access password and follow our security guidelines.

After the violation has been rectified, click I've fixed everything in the Security and violations section in Yandex.Webmaster. Restrictions in response to this kind of violation are usually lifted within a month. Upon resolution, the violation notification will disappear.


You can click I've fixed everything for the same site again after one month. After this, to avoid misuse of this button, the waiting period will increase and may be up to three months. So we recommend clicking this button only when you are sure that your site doesn't have any more violations.

If several people have management rights to your site, a specific person should be delegated to re-send the site for checking at a particular time. None of the admins will be able to use the button again for a month.

I use certain tricks to hide part of the text on my site. But I'm not trying to mislead anyone, and my site's users can always see the text if they want to. Is this a violation?

No. If this trick improves the user experience, then it is, of course, not considered a violation. For example, you might hide part of a long text that could bore some visitors, while still leaving other users the opportunity to expand and read it in its entirety.

I couldn't find any hidden text on my site. Should I click the button?

If you are absolutely sure that this violation doesn't concern your site, then we recommend clicking the button.