User behavior simulator

Certain services or programs that simulate user behavior were used to improve your site ranking.

Simulation of user behavior is a way that webmasters promote their sites by trying to influence site ranking in search results. It usually involves special programs or web services that imitate user click-throughs from search engines.

These "visits" serve no actual function: they don't have a positive impact on site quality and don't improve the user experience. Therefore, they are considered search spam. Webmasters that use this form of deception risk their site ranking being substantially lowered for an extended period.

If you're sure that you didn't use such tactics, maybe a company that was hired to improve your website's search ranking did. We recommend checking with all your employees who are responsible for search ranking, as well as freelancers who you've hired in the last few months.

Yandex found this violation on my site. How can I fix it?

Just stop using technologies that simulate user behavior. Our algorithms will detect this and the restrictions on your site ranking will be lifted automatically. You don't need to contact Support or take any other measures.

After you've fixed the issue, you can click I've fixed everything in the Security and violations section in Yandex.Webmaster. The violation notification will disappear when the restrictions are lifted.


You can click I've fixed everything for the same site again after one month. After this, to avoid misuse of this button, the waiting period will increase and may be up to three months. So we recommend clicking this button only when you are sure that your site doesn't have any more violations.

If several people have management rights to your site, a specific person should be delegated to re-send the site for checking at a particular time. None of the admins will be able to use the button again for a month.

I've stopped using this tactic to increase ranking; when will restrictions on my site be lifted?

It's difficult to say exactly how long the restrictions will remain in effect because the process is completely automated and depends on how long you were using deceptive tactics. In general, it may take between 8-12 months after the last deceptive attempt to improve search ranking was discovered by our algorithms.

But anyone can register my site for these type of services that “jack up” rankings.

We, of course, considered the fact that competitors may try to influence the search positions of their competitors when we were developing our current algorithms.

You've made a mistake. I didn't do anything of the sort!

The current method is very precise and we are confident that it works correctly in the vast majority of cases. We get a lot of emails from webmasters whose sites were lowered in the ranking for simulating user behavior. Out of all these emails there have only been a few debatable instances that required additional checking ‑ these made up less than 1% of total complaints.

Sometimes SEO specialists use deceptive methods to increase search ranking without the business owner's or webmaster's knowledge (i.e. the latter didn't understand what the service being offered actually entailed). We encourage business owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists to think carefully about their choice of website promotion methods and SEO services, so as to avoid sanctions imposed by the search engine.

The violation notification is gone, but my website ranking is still low. What should I do?

If the notification disappears, it means that our algorithms decided to remove the restrictions from your site. It might take some time for these changes to show up in search. This usually happens after one or two updates of the search engine database, which takes about two weeks on average.

I clicked “I've fixed everything” a month ago, but the violation notification didn't disappear and the button is available again. Should I click it again?

We consider simulating user behavior to be a serious violation, so the restrictions on your site will remain in effect for 8-12 months. So if you are sure that similar methods of website promotion are no longer being used, then you don't have to click the button again. Our robot already got your signal. Now you just have to wait out the sanction period.

I stopped “jacking up” visitor number over eight months ago, but the restrictions are still in effect. What should I do?

Make sure that your SEO's and other specialists responsible for site development have completely stopped simulating user behavior. Make sure that at least eight months have elapsed from the moment when restrictions were applied or from your last attempt to use deceptive search promotion methods. You may just have to wait a bit longer. You can also write to Support and we will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.