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How can I specify sitelinks?

Sitelinks are selected automatically. You can't control them. To find out how you can help the robot define sitelinks for your site, see the Help section. The details of our algorithm are considered a trade secret.

Note. These recommendations are given strictly as advice, and following them does not guarantee that sitelinks will be selected.

After you edit your site according to our recommendations, you will need to wait a while – sitelinks will be selected within two weeks.

How can I change sitelinks?

You can't change sitelinks that are already shown in search results. To change sitelinks that have been generated to add to the search engine database in the future, go to the Sitelinks section in Yandex.Webmaster.

Can I find out in advance if sitelinks were changed?

Yes. You can subscribe to receive notifications about changes to sitelinks. Go to the NotificationsSettings section and turn on the Notifications about updates to sitelinks option. If you wish, notifications can be sent by email.

What do the new and chg labels in the interface refer to?
  • “new” — Recently generated link.
  • “chg” — New variations of the name are available.
Sitelinks are defined but they aren't shown in search results

Sitelinks aren't shown for all search queries. A sitelink is shown in search results only if all the conditions listed in the Help section are met.

Sitelinks disappeared

The sitelinks algorithm uses information from the Yandex search engine database involving many different parameters. The data is updated once a week, and each update may cause some sitelinks to be deleted while others are added. In some cases, the entire set of sitelinks is enabled or disabled.

The structure of my site has changed. When will sitelinks be updated?

Sitelinks are generated automatically, so we can't say exactly when changes will take place. In this case, we recommend waiting. If your new site structure follows the Yandex guidelines, the sitelinks will be generated eventually.

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