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How do I change the letter case of the site name?

To change the case, go to the Letter case of site name section in Yandex.Webmaster and enter the new way to write the site name.

What does the letter case of the site name affect?

Changing the case of letters in the site name only affects how the name of your site is displayed in search results. Changing the case doesn't affect indexing or ranking.

Why was my request declined?

Most likely, the way you wrote the name doesn't follow the Yandex guidelines. If your request follows the rules and it was declined by mistake, please use the form below to notify us.

My request was accepted, but I don't see any changes in search results

Changes will appear in search results in 1-2 weeks after submitting the request. If the site name still hasn't changed in search results after 2 weeks, send us a message in the form below.

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