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Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing falls under the umbrella of search spam. It includes text blocks and sites containing lengthy lists of search terms or nonsense texts loaded with keywords. It's obvious that such texts and lists are useless to website visitors, so sites containing them may be excluded from search results.

Yandex found this violation on my site. How can I fix it?

You will need to get rid of the elements described above. Delete or change problematic elements so that your site becomes more user oriented, rather than trying to take advantage of search engine indexing bots.

After the search queries have been rewritten or deleted, click I've fixed everything in the Violations section in Yandex.Webmaster. Restrictions in response to this kind of violation are usually lifted within a month. The violation notification will disappear when the restrictions are lifted.


The I've fixed everything feature is available once per month for each individual site. Keep this in mind and only click it when you're absolutely sure that you've taken care of all the violations present on your site.

If several people have management rights to your site, a specific person should be delegated to re-send the site for checking at a particular time. None of the admins will be able to use the button again for a month.

I couldn't find any keyword stuffing on my site. Should I click the button?

If you are absolutely sure that this violation doesn't concern your site, then we recommend clicking the button.

My site contains tags. Is it possible that the search robot thinks they are spam?

If your tags help the reader navigate your site or are there for design or convenience reasons, then they won't bother the robot. If, however, the tags are pointless and clearly only used to try to unfairly influence search engines, then your site may face restrictions.

Keywords are frequently repeated in my site's menu and catalog. Will this count as spam?

When designing our algorithms, we took the fact that many sites repeat words into account. If this repetition serves the user and is not an attempt to fool search engines, then a violation will not be marked.

The violation notification is gone, but my site's pages have not appeared in search yet. What should I do?

If the notification disappears, it means that our algorithms no longer see the violation on your webpages. It might take some time for these changes to show up in search. This usually happens after one or two updates of the search engine database, which takes about two weeks on average.

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