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Low-value content, spam, excessive advertising

The main goal of the search engine is to provide users with relevant and diverse answers to their questions, in a convenient format. But some sites in the internet lack clear value for search, and they don't offer users a quality response to their queries. Sites like this don't meet the basic principles of quality from the Yandex perspective. They can often be identified by the following characteristics:

  • The site doesn't have any original, valuable content and doesn't offer any useful services.
  • The site's pages contain an excessive amount of advertising, which makes it difficult to view the site.
  • The site uses spamdexing: over-optimization, SEO links, and so on.

Yandex found this violation on my site. How can I fix it?

Make your site useful to users and easy to read. Add original, interesting content or some sort of functionality. If the site had advertising, reduce it to a level that is comfortable for users. Completely eliminate search spam. Change the site to make it valuable and appealing for your users.

After correcting any such violations on your site, click I've fixed everything in the Violations section in Yandex.Webmaster. This way the robot will know that you've made changes.


The I've fixed everything feature is available once per month for each individual site. Keep this in mind and only click it when you're absolutely sure that you've taken care of all the violations present on your site.

If several people have management rights to your site, a specific person should be delegated to re-send the site for checking at a particular time. None of the admins will be able to use the button again for a month.

I fixed everything. When will the restrictions be removed?

Restrictions are usually lifted within a month after the violations have been addressed.

I don't think my site has this issue

Click I've fixed everything. This will help the Yandex algorithms to correctly evaluate your site. If this really is a quality site, the restrictions will be lifted eventually.

I don't understand exactly what is wrong with the site

Yandex algorithms evaluate site quality based on a combination of factors. In this case, it is difficult to single out one factor (or group of factors) that has the greatest negative effect on the site. Focus on improving the overall quality of the site, so it completely conforms to our main guidelines.

The violation notification is gone, but my site's pages have not appeared in search yet. What should I do?

If the notification disappears, it means that our algorithms no longer see the violation on your webpages. It might take some time for these changes to show up in search. This usually happens after one or two updates of the search engine database, which takes about two weeks on average.

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