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How do I find out my site's position in search results?

You can use the Search queries section in Yandex.Webmaster. The Last queries section shows users' search queries that had your site in the top 50 positions in results.

Use the Query history section to view trends over the selected period in the site's average position, number of impressions, clicks and CTR for groups of queries or for a specific query from a group.

What time period does the Last Queries section show information for?

The site's average position in the Last queries section is shown for the last week that is available in the Query history section.

I can't find my site in the positions shown in Yandex.Webmaster

Yandex.Webmaster shows data for a past period. Also remember that the site's position in search results is constantly changing. Try to find your site in other adjacent positions.

Why doesn't my site have search query statistics?

The Search queries section shows information about queries that most often had the site in the top 50 positions in search results. If the site was shown in search results at position 51 or lower, information about these queries is not shown in Yandex.Webmaster.

If you have recently added the site to Yandex.Webmaster or made a new query group in the Last queries section, it will take some time to collect data for your site. The data usually appears within a few days.

What do the red and green numbers in the query history mean?

These are trends — the absolute change in the value compared to a similar period in the past.

Can I download the search queries to a file in any format?

This is not possible at this time. This feature might be added in the future.

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