Pollen forecast

How the forecast is made

The pollen forecast is provided by the Aerostate service, a partner of Yandex.Weather. We then visualize the data received and display it on the map, taking into account the climate and vegetation type of each region. The allergy season and its duration are regularly recalculated depending on temperature, precipitation, and wind direction.

Yandex.Weather forecasts the spread of pollen separately for a short- and long-term period:

  • Forecast for the next seven days takes into account the current data on the speed and direction of wind, precipitation, and temperature.
  • Forecast for upcoming weeks and months takes into account the climate calendar of the selected area's plant blooming and contains statistics on the spread of pollen over the past seven years of observations.

Where to view the forecast

The forecast is displayed on the weather map layer.

During the allergy season (in spring and summer), the Yandex.Weather homepage features a section with up-to-date data on pollen concentrations. Click on this section to see the pollen forecast on the map.
Restriction. The pollen map covers separate territories of European Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other neighboring countries.

For more information about the forecast, see Pollen map.

How often data is updated

Map data is updated every 24 hours.