Compare the climate in different cities

Climate is a long-term weather pattern that is typical of a certain area. Climate data is based on statistics over the past years.

Comparing the climate in different cities will help you choose a place for a vacation or a hiking trip. To see how the weather differs in various cities, select the City comparison tab in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Add a city to comparison
  2. What climate indicators are compared
  3. Removing a city from comparison
  4. Sharing comparison results

Add a city to comparison

From the city comparison page

Enter the name of the city in the Add a city search box.

From the search bar
  1. Start entering the name of the city in the search bar.
  2. In the list of suggestions, click next to the city you'd like to add.
From the Yandex Weather homepage

Select a city and click Compare to the right of its name.

You can compare up to eight cities at once.

What climate indicators are compared

The following is displayed for each city:
  • Daytime and night-time temperature.
  • Water temperature for cities located near large water bodies.
  • Number of sunny, cloudy and rainy days.
  • Wind speed and direction.

You can also view topical selections with climate comparisons.

Removing a city from comparison

Mouse over the name of the city you'd like to remove and click to the right of it.

Sharing comparison results

You can share comparison results with a friend to plan a trip together:
  1. Compare the weather in the cities.
  2. Copy the web page address.
  3. Send the link by email or share it on social media.