Configure weather alerts

Yandex.Weather warns users about changes in weather conditions through color blocks that appear on the service's homepage.

Types of alerts:

  • About cold and warm snaps.
  • About heavy precipitation.
  • About eclipses and meteor showers.
  • About an increase in wind speed.
  • About an increase in pollen counts.
  • Messages with weekend weather forecasts (on Fridays).

You can find out the details by clicking on the alert.

You can customize or cancel alerts about pollen concentrations, but you can't remove the other alerts.

You can customize alerts about pollen counts during the allergy season (spring and summer):

  1. On the Yandex.Weather homepage, in the pollen section, click .
  2. Select the relevant types of allergens and click Save.

If you don't want to get any alerts about pollen, click the Not interested link in the alert.

Attention. If you cancel pollen alerts, you cannot re-enable them.