Searching for a video

Video searches take place in accordance with the License to Use Yandex Search Engine. The service finds clips located on public-access video hosting sites.

To come up with a list of results, the search engine automatically analyzes the name, description, tags, and other clip attributes. It also uses ranking algorithms.

This service searches for videos without taking when they were posted into account. Videos that were uploaded in the last day are marked as recent.

You can choose either the search mode or use parameters on the results page to narrow your search.

  1. Search mode
  2. Search parameters

Search mode

Three search modes are available on Yandex.Video:

  • Family-friendly means that the search results contain no "adult" video content.
  • Moderate means that videos “for adults” show up in the results if the search request clearly calls for that type of content. This mode is enabled by default.
  • Unsecure means that no content is filtered out.

To choose a mode:

  1. Enter your request and click Search.

  2. Check the Search mode icon to the right of the search bar and choose the appropriate option.

Search parameters

You can narrow your search using search parameters:

  • choose videos by length
  • choose only videos in HD format
  • only view new videos (those added in the previous week)

To set parameters:

  1. Enter your request and click Search.

  2. Then click in the search bar and enable the appropriate options.

The search results will refresh right after you set your parameters.

To clear parameters that you set, click Reset.