Video player requirements

Following the requirements listed below will help you set up your player so that it displays properly in Yandex.Video search results.

Whether or not a player is included in the video search and how users interact with it are taken into account when determining video search results. Therefore, the easier your clips are to view, the higher the odds that they will show up when a user enters a relevant search request.

If you don't have a player, your clips have a lower chance of showing up in Yandex.Video results.

  1. Mandatory requirements for players to display in search results
  2. Conditions for participation in mobile search
  3. Additional requirements

Mandatory requirements for players to display in search results

  • Add video player to markup

    For your player to show up in video search results, the Yandex robot needs to index it. To make sure this happens, let us know when you enter your player information in the markup.

    You can find detailed instructions on the XML video description, markup and Open Graph markup pages.

  • Support HTTPS for video player

    Secure data exchange is a major concern with video players. Yandex.Video uses the secure HTTPS protocol and your player must be embedded into our HTTPS video search pages in order to display in search results. For this reason, players and external scrips and images (for example, ad modules or web-analytics counters) should be accessible over HTTPS. Otherwise browsers will automatically block attempts to load players and/or playback videos and other materials like ads on Yandex.Video's encrypted pages.

    See HTTPS support for more details.

Conditions for participation in mobile search

  • Player that runs on HTML5

    An HTML5 player is a requirement for your clips to display in mobile Yandex.Video search results. This way you can expand your audience to include users on all types of devices as well as improve the quality of mobile searches for your videoclips.

    For more details, see Mobile player.

Additional requirements

Yandex.Video's search algorithms factor in these additional requirements, which affect the quality of video searches. Complying with these requirements makes users more likely to trust your video player and improves the user's experience watching your clips.

  • Make sure the player works properly on dynamic pages

    All player elements (for the control panel, ad blocks, etc.) should work correctly and adjust in response to changing page size and scale in search results.

  • Set up transfer of data concerning video status

    Information about video status and player errors help to improve the playback quality of videos on Yandex.Video.

  • Get rid of intrusive ads

    During site ranking, preference is given to resources that don't use intrusive ads in their videos.