How to help users find your videoclips

Yandex.Video indexes video materials that are open-source and posted on video hosting services, news media sites, and various private internet projects. Once a clip is indexed, it can show up in search results on Yandex.Video. The search results pages include videoclip previews, titles, and text descriptions. If the search function includes a player, then videoclips from the source site can be played in Yandex.Video.

In order to ensure quality video material and accurate Yandex.Video search results ranking, please take the following measures:

  1. Send as much videoclip information as possible
  2. Send data to set up player

Send as much videoclip information as possible

The more detailed the videoclip description, the more likely it is to end up in relevant search results. Use additional attributes to help attach more information to the video material in the service's search results interface. A complete description will raise the chance that your video will be found by users searching under a broader array of terms, and also allows the service to answer user requests more accurately.

Yandex.Video supports several video markup standards. We recommend taking a combination of measures to make sure that the Yandex robot crawls the pages of your site frequently, actively indexes up-to-date information, and processes a lot of updated data.

See Ways to transfer data for more information about video indexing settings.

Send data to set up player

A correctly configured player in Yandex.Video search results allows the user to play clips without additional clicks or transfers, which makes their experience more enjoyable. Information about user behavior during clip viewings is used to determine how well a given video matches a particular search term. Having a player significantly increases the odds that your clips will end up in the results of relevant searches.

Make sure that your player works with HTTPS so that it displays properly in searches and plays all transferred data (including ad scripts, style sheets, etc.).

For videos to show up in mobile search results, you need to send Yandex.Video information concerning how to correctly configure your HTML player on search results pages. This way you will be able to maintain your user base and raise your site's profile in the mobile search results.

See Player requirements for more on transferring video configuration data.