How does an internet-based video search work?

Video searches are based on information we receive independently in accordance with our search license, and on data that our partners send us.

Video content is processed automatically using ranking algorithms similar to those used in web searches, query analysis, and spam-prevention measures. Various videoclip attributes are also factored in, including name, description, tags, etc.

How can I make sure my markup is correct?

To check whether your markup meets our requirements, use our validator. Please note though that the validator doesn't check your pages for complete compliance with the Open Graph Protocol, but rather tests whether or not you have enough information for your video to be indexed.

How soon will my videoclips appear in search results?

How quickly Yandex's robots index your page depends on many factors. On average it takes one week after the robot crawls your page for your video to appear in search results. The robot usually crawls larger sites more quicker and frequently.

It might be the case that your pages are not on our crawl list or you haven't changed them in a long time and, consequently, the robot started crawling your site less frequently. Read the following to find out how to inform Yandex of changes you've made:

I added markup, but my video still hasn't shown up in search. What's going on?

If you did everything correctly (added markup, checked it using our validator, waited for the robot to crawl your site), but your video is still not available via our search, then it's possible that our algorithms have regarded it as spam. This might happen if:

  • your clip descriptions are excessively wordy (i.e. crammed with popular words)

  • your clip descriptions are extremely boring

  • your clip description contains non-normative vocabulary

  • your site doesn't meet the conditions of our partner program

Try changing your page contents and clip description and wait for us to re-index it.

If you think that we've made an error (results are unexpected), please write Yandex.Video tech support. Your message will be read by one of our developers.