Use the pictureUrl element to send links to the product image. You can specify multiple pictureUrl elements for each product-model. This element is mandatory.

  1. How to use this element
  2. Requirements
  3. Example

How to use this element

<pictureUrl type=" ">...</pictureUrl>

In the type attribute, you can specify the image type:

  • main — the main image (there can only be one for each product-model)

  • interior — image of product in interior

  • scheme — assembly plan


  • The link should not lead to an HTML page containing the image or to a third-party site.

  • The image should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

  • The minimum image size is 700 pixels along the longest side.

  • The image should not contain watermarks or logos.

  • In images of the product within an interior, the product itself should occupy at least 50% of the overall image space.


<model id="1234" categoryId="1">
  <pictureUrl type="main">http://www.brand.ru/model_big.jpg</pictureUrl>
  <pictureUrl type="interior">http://www.brand.ru/model_in_flat.jpg</pictureUrl>
  <pictureUrl type="scheme">http://www.brand.ru/scheme.jpg</pictureUrl>