Use the param/paramName element to send product characteristics and parameters. This element is optional.

You can specify multiple param/paramName elements (but not more than 100) for each product-model. Each such element should only describe one characteristic.

  1. How to use this element
  2. Examples

How to use this element

<param name=" " unit=" ">...</param>

Elements and attributes:

Element/attribute Description

Parameter value (mandatory).


Parameter name (mandatory).


Units of measure (if applicable).

Parameter names, values, and units can be specified in English or Russian.


  1. Standard usage
  2. Family of product-models
  3. Structural characteristic

Standard usage

<model id="34121" categoryId="10">
  <name>EOS 60D Body</name>
  <param name="Weight" unit="g">750</param>
  <param name="Type of image sensor">CMOS</param>
  <param name="Max resolution" unit="MP">19</param>

Family of product-models

If a model is part of a family of products, you can specify that in an element. Example:

<param name="Line">Galaxy</param>

Structural characteristic

If a product characteristic is structural, use several elements to describe it. Example:

Correct version:

<param name="Width" unit="cm">12.3</param>
<param name="Height" unit="cm">23</param>
<param name="Depth" unit="cm">40</param>

Incorrect version:

<param name="Dimensions (WхHхD)" unit="cm">12.3х23х40</param>