Use the param/paramName element to send product characteristics and parameters. This element is optional.

You can specify multiple param/paramName elements (but not more than 100) for each product-model. Each such element should only describe one characteristic.

  1. How to use this element
  2. Examples

How to use this element

<param name=" " unit=" ">...</param>

Elements and attributes:


Parameter value (mandatory).


Parameter name (mandatory).


Units of measure (if applicable).

Parameter names, values, and units can be specified in English or Russian.


  1. Standard usage
  2. Family of product-models
  3. Structural characteristic

Standard usage

<model id="34121" categoryId="10">
  <name>EOS 60D Body</name>
  <param name="Weight" unit="g">750</param>
  <param name="Type of image sensor">CMOS</param>
  <param name="Max resolution" unit="MP">19</param>

Family of product-models

If a model is part of a family of products, you can specify that in an element. Example:

<param name="Line">Galaxy</param>

Structural characteristic

If a product characteristic is structural, use several elements to describe it. Example:

Correct version:

<param name="Width" unit="cm">12.3</param>
<param name="Height" unit="cm">23</param>
<param name="Depth" unit="cm">40</param>

Incorrect version:

<param name="Dimensions (WхHхD)" unit="cm">12.3х23х40</param>